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Stratigraphic Units
  • 21086 Area: Not Set, Red clay in trench 4B with few materials
  • 21089 Area: Not Set, Brown natural geologic soil with small and big river stones visible in cut 21077
  • 21088 Area: Not Set, Brown natural geologic soil with many small pebbles stones visible in cut SU21077
  • 21087 Area: Not Set, NE to SW wall made of big and medium stones in the SW corner of Area 21000
  • 21084 Area: Not Set, Circular layer of stone and mortar in trench 2A east side, part of the collapsed well's walls
Special Finds
  • 3740 Type: Photo, 21_285_(1)_(small).JPG
  • 3739 Type: Photo, 21_207.JPG
  • 3738 Type: Photo, 21_228_(2).JPG
  • 3737 Type: Photo, 21_228_(1).JPG
  • 3736 Type: Photo, 21_163.JPG
Ceramics Study
Artefact Type Reference
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Faunal Remains
Human Remains